Create a happy, engaged,
company culture

Boost creativity, increase performance, reduce burnout,
& improve employee well-being through our mindfulness strategies.
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Take care of your employees, & they will take care of you.

Whenever you invest into your employees & leaders happiness and well being, the result is a positive, productive & engaged workforce that injects energy into their efforts, clients and the company culture. 

How would your business's bottomline be impacted if you could....

Boost Creativity & Decision Making

Participants who follow a  meditation program result in a boost in creativity and idea creation, in comparison to those who don't practice mindfulness & meditate.


Increase Life Satisfaction & Optimism?

According to a Boston University Research study, mindfulness strategies can lead to reduced anxiety, depression, & increased optimism & job satisfaction.


Lead with Inspiration & Confidence?

Leaders who participate in meditation training programs have been shown to have an increase in self-confidence, communication skills, moral & emotional intelligence.


"What I enjoy most about Alex's coaching is that is it is precise. He's able to find the specific beliefs and roadblocks to change. "

Amanda H.
Naturopath, ND

"Alex has the ability to see-through what people say, and unscramble their words to discover truth, core meaning, & effectively create a plan or strategy to implement results."


"Alex asks great questions that will challenge your thought process & the way you're approaching your lifestyle. I highly recommend him if you are looking to optimize your lifestyle and gain more clarity on your direction and purpose."

CEO & Co-Founder of Parakeeto

"Alex is a master of his craft. He skillfully helped me identify my most pressing circumstances & helped me find peace of mind leading into negotiations. I highly encourage anyone frayed by the demand of life, business and leadership to share a consultation with Alex."

Speaker, Entrepreneur & Founder of Hiremeluis

Book a 20 minute intro consultation

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